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MarKyr Presents Panels at SXSW Interactive and Music Conferences

SXSWIn a little less than a week, Team MarKyr, Marjorie Kase and Kyra Reed will be heading down to Austin for the South By Southwest Interactive and Music Conferences. En tow will be MarKyr clients, Nina Hartley and Roxy Theatre owner, Nic Adler for two panel discussions.

On Monday, March 15th, Marjorie, Kyra, and Nina will be giving a talk on how social networking technology and the porn industry. And on Thursday, March 18th, Kyra and Nic will be discussing their groundbreaking case study on the the Sunset Strip’s revival thanks to Nic and Kyra’s social networking efforts.

Nina Hartley: Porn Star, Sex Educator, Social Networker
March 15th, 5pm
Ballroom C, Hilton Hotel

With a career spanning over 25 years, Adult film star Nina Hartley has seen it all – from the explosion of VHS to the advent of internet porn. In this session, Nina and her social media brain trust, MarKyr Media’s Marjorie Kase and Kyra Reed, will be discussing how the web has been both a blessing and a curse for industry players and how that’s now changing thanks to social networking technology

A Social Media Case Study of L.A.’s Sunset Strip
March 18th, 3:30pm
16B, Austin Convention Center

Using Twitter and Facebook to promote innovative online cooperation and joint events, famed Los Angeles venues The Roxy, the Viper Room, and The Comedy Store along with The Andaz Hotel and Book Soup, have created a relevant and thriving community known as “The Social Strip”. Learn how five venues on the Sunset Strip successfully banded together via social media to ignite a revitalization of one of the world’s most famous and legendary music communities. This case study will examine the challenges, tactics, successes, growth and bottom line results of this leading edge community.

MarKyr Presents Social Media 101

I will be presenting a webinar hosted by WITI (Women in Technology International) on the value of social media. Please join us as we discuss the fundamentals, plus case studies about who is getting it right and who is getting it wrong. We aim to make it as fun as possible so be sure to dial in!

Free registration with promo code: “markyr”

WHEN: Tuesday from 10-11 AM PST (1-2 PM EST), 9/29
COST: FREE with promo code “markyr” REGISTER NOW


Social Media 101: Learn It, Love It, Use It Right*

Presenters: Marjorie Kase
WHEN: Tuesday from 10-11 AM PST (1-2 PM EST), 9/29

You will learn:

  • A brief overview of the most popular and powerful social media sites
  • Why social media is valuable for business (yes, even Twitter)
  • How Facebook and Twitter can save you thousands of dollars on market research and customer service
  • The common mistakes big brands are making with social media and how to avoid them
  • How to convince your boss and your company they need a social media strategy

We will dispel myths about:

  • Privacy – Why it’s really possible to keep your private and professional life separate online
  • Time Management – How maintaining your professional social media presence can actually save you time in the long run
  • The Learning Curve – Why these tools are easier to learn than you think

*This webinar is designed for beginner to intermediate users. If you feel confident about the issues mentioned above, stay tuned. We will be offering programs for more advanced users in the future.

A Few SXSW Panels Definitely Worth Checking Out

MarKyr is proud to have two proposals in the mix at South by Southwest (SXSW) this year – Kyra’s for Music, Marjorie’s for Interactive. We’ve compiled a list of worthy panels hosted by some of the brightest women in tech. Please take a moment to visit, vote, and comment on them.

Alexandra Mokh
Impact of Women in Technology

Amanda Congdon
Meet the 21st Century Mom and Pop Shops
Not just the Host: Web Video Divas Dish!

Amy Seidenwurm
Digital Marketing for Non-Profits

Ariel Waldman
Open Collaboration Between Scientists, Communities and the Unknown

Aubrey Sabala
From URL to IRL: Taking Your Community to the Streets

Carla Borsoi
The Community is Dead, Long Live the Community

Casey McKinnon
Hyperlocal Focus: Growing A Vibrant Community Media Ecosystem

Glenda Bautista
Asians: The Silent Minority

Jennifer Tran
Using Social Media to Find a New Gig

Kyra Reed
A Social Media Case Study of L.A.’s Sunset Strip

Leah Culver
Web Framework Battle Royale

Lynne d Johnson
Bumpin’ Up: Has The Glass Ceiling Ever Smacked You In The Butt?

Margarita Quihuis
Bringing Media to Life with Codes and Watermarks

Marjorie Kase and Nina Hartley
Nina Hartley: Porn Star, Sex Educator, Social Networker

Melissa Gira Grant
Professionally Naked: What Women Gain From Exposing Ourselves Online

Nicole Jordan
Can Marketing & PR Co-Exist Without Competing?

Tara Hunt
Don’t Stop Believin: Why Karaoke WILL Change the World

Willo O’Brien (WilloToons)
Snappy Strategies for Selling Art & Craft Online: Part Deux

MarKyr Presents Facebook Clinic at WITI Conference

Kyra and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Women in Technology International (WITI) Social Media Conference this weekend in San Jose. There, I did a standing room only presentation on Creating Facebook Pages for business. My sincere thanks to the folk at WITI, especially WITI President, David Leighton and WITI CEO, Caroline Leighton for making this happen.

SXSWi: Day I

Day I at SXSWi was spent mostly recovering from a split redeye the night before. After a restful respite at the hotel, Kyra and I hit the Social Media Group party at Mix on Six (not on 6th St. as it turns out) and then onto the TechSet party brought to us by the über 2.0 scenesters, Brian Solis and Stephanie Agresta. There, we ran into old friends Clint Schaff, Rohit Bhargava of *Personality Not Included fame, Kristin Nicole from Mashable and VentureBeat and Social TNT rockstar, Chris Lynn. Topics of conversation included new business models in the new economy, the many number of new faces this year, and Clint and my vastly different scores on Rock Band. A fun time was had by all. Knowing there was much to learn the next day we hit the hay pretty early.

We’re Famous!

Thanks to the kids at FreshBooks, in particular Saul Colt, Kyra and I have been featured on their “Internet All Stars” baseball cards.

The collect ’em all packs have been included in every tote bag distributed by SXSWi. Who knew we were that important;)? Professional scans of the cards to come post conference. You’ll have to trust us on how cool they look in person.

Online Reputation Management Done Right: What CEOs Can Learn From Hulu’s Jason Kilar

Both Kyra and I are huge fans of Hulu, not just for their incredible content/player, but because they get it. Last week’s action by CEO, Jason Kilar is a primo example of why Hulu leads the pack in the premium online video space.

About ten days ago, without warning, Hulu yanked three season’s worth of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The response was flame-broiled. Some fans were angry at Hulu for interrupting their barreling process (consuming several episodes at once in an attempt to catch up to the current season, usually upon discovering a new favorite show). Others blamed the site erroneously for, in reality, it was FX’s decision.  As resentment grew, so did the number of negative comment and tweets.

Anyone know a good place to watch it? Once upon a time there was a cool website called ‘Hulu’. Shift+Delete from list of favorites. –1muddytruck

This was the reason I cam to the site. Now it’s gone. 5 stars for the show. Never coming back to this site again. Quote me. –ddorsey72

5 stars for the show. — 0 stars for Hulu’s decision making and obvious lack of respect for their patrons. –zakmckracken

Instead of ignoring the fallout for a relatively minor error in judgment, Hulu’s CEO, Jason Kilar posted a direct-to-user apology on the Sunny page and on the Hulu blog, which included the announcement that the shows would be available again for another two weeks with FX’s permission. The letter was heartfelt, authentic, radically transparent, and most importantly showed they were listening.

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