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Facebook “Like” Button Changes the Game For Marketers

About a month ago, Facebook made some major changes in the way users interact with their favorite brands and celebrities. Instead of becoming a FAN of Facebook pages, users now declare they LIKE them and they can do it on any site via LIKE buttons owners can embed within any blog post, video, photo, etc.

Facebook Like Button

What does this mean for businesses? A lot, and yet, most companies are unaware of the power and potential of this new feature. (Facebook is not exactly known for being clear on these things.) Smart businesses will take advantage of this change by re-evaluating their Facebook strategy and outreach on the social web in general.

MarKyr is currently offering one-on-one sessions with clients on how these changes will affect their personal Facebook strategy. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us for a consultation.

The Roxy Theatre is the No.1 Music Venue on Twitter, Flickr and now Facebook

Congratulations to The Roxy Theatre for being true pioneers in Social Media.  After three years of diligently producing engaging content and building community they have conquered the social web. The first music venue to truly embrace the concepts of conversation, connection and community – they have opened the club to the world and brought the spotlight back to the Sunset Strip.

It has been an honor to guide this amazing team over the years.  From their first blog to their recent Facebook Fan Page and Foursquare, they are fearless in their use of the tools.  Owner Nic Adler is a shining example of dedication and innovation.

Read more about his story here:

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