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SXSW Features Nic Adler and Markyr Media

SXSW is featuring a post on  Nic Adler of The Roxy Theatre and Kyra Reed of Markyr Media on their homepage this week.  A very big thanks to Melissa Williams at SXSW for making it happen.  The coverage was related to the SXSW Music Festval  “The Social Strip,”  a panel about the revitalization of the legendary Sunset Strip.  The panel takes place on March 18th @ 3:30pm.

This news comes only two days after the New York Times article about Reviving The Roxy.  Read that article here.  This has been a great week for MarKyr Media.

New York Times article: Reviving The Roxy, Can The Strip Follow

Nic Adler, owner of the Roxy Theatre, has finally been acknowledged in this week’s New York Times for his innovative spirit and success with Social Media.  The article comes out in tomorrow’s Style Section, but you can read it here:

I met Nic in November 2006, at a time when the music industry was falling to pieces and there was no clear direction for a struggling business model.  I had recently moved to Los Angeles to be at the crossroads of the music industry and technology, specifially New Media (now called Social Media).  I wanted to be on the cutting edge of the change and an expert in community development.  In 2006 no one was listening, except Nic Adler.

When I sat down with Nic, I couldn’t believe how quickly he got it.  He knew immedietly a plan of action that involved building community and creating an authentic and transparent business was the right direction for The Roxy.  He also realized that it meant the club and the staff would have to practice what they preach.  To that end, we created a plan that not only dealt with the promotion of the club via a blog, Flickr and Myspace, but an overhaul in the mentality of the business.  It was a tough sell to the public.  The very communities we were trying to embrace responded with ridicule and resistance.  We found that people were hard pressed to let go of their pre-conceived ideas of how things are.

The first step in our plan was to remove the website and launch a blog in its place.  It was immedietly met with snickers and criticism.  “Who has a blog for their website, I don’t get it.”  But Nic and his amazig staff didn’t give up.  The audiences that found themselves at the Roxy were exposed to a new attitude and a way to communicate with the club, long after the show.  It slowly began to make a difference.  And a year later the Roxy won the VH-1 Rock Honors Award for best website of the year – with 60% of the vote.

Seeing tremendous benefits from his community building, Nic got involved in local government and the Sunset Strip B.I.D.  In 2008 MarKyr Media began to work with The Roxy as consultants, making sure that Nic stays up to date on the latest technology and innovations.  And today…well – you can read about it in the New York Times, or come to our panel at SXSW in March or catch us at one of the many conferences we have been invited to speak at in 2010.  It is a truly inspiring story.  MarKyr is excited to be a part of the Social Strip and the talented people who are making it come alive once again.  Nathan Levinson at The Viper Room, Alf Lamont at The Comedy Store and Media Consultant Charlie Amter.

Congratulation Nic.  And thank you for believing in me and listening to my advice.  I’m so proud of what you have done and honored to be on the ride with you.