Monthly Archives: April 2009

ASCAP Expo Social Media Panel

This past weekend I was invited to speak on a Social Media panel at the ASCAP Expo.  Big thanks to Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR for the recommendation.  I had a great time with the other panelists, Patrick Faucher from Nimbit and Roy from Broadjam.  Laura Roeder was the moderator.

The audience had lots of questions about Social Media.  From “What is Twitter?” to “How do I choose which social networks to join and manage?”  It was obvious the crowd was hungry for this information.  The most compelling question, with the most unexpected answer, was about MySpace.  Do artists still need to be on MySpace.  You can see the answer to that question here:

Thank you to all the amazing, hard-working folks at ASCAP who work tirelessly to bring the newest and more relevant information to their members.  I look forward to presenting at the Expo again next year!