Monthly Archives: March 2009

SXSWi: Day I

Day I at SXSWi was spent mostly recovering from a split redeye the night before. After a restful respite at the hotel, Kyra and I hit the Social Media Group party at Mix on Six (not on 6th St. as it turns out) and then onto the TechSet party brought to us by the ├╝ber 2.0 scenesters, Brian Solis and Stephanie Agresta. There, we ran into old friends Clint Schaff, Rohit Bhargava of *Personality Not Included fame, Kristin Nicole from Mashable and VentureBeat and Social TNT rockstar, Chris Lynn. Topics of conversation included new business models in the new economy, the many number of new faces this year, and Clint and my vastly different scores on Rock Band. A fun time was had by all. Knowing there was much to learn the next day we hit the hay pretty early.

We’re Famous!

Thanks to the kids at FreshBooks, in particular Saul Colt, Kyra and I have been featured on their “Internet All Stars” baseball cards.

The collect ’em all packs have been included in every tote bag distributed by SXSWi. Who knew we were that important;)? Professional scans of the cards to come post conference. You’ll have to trust us on how cool they look in person.