Monthly Archives: August 2008

MarKyr Media Presents at Blog World Expo!

Join us at Blog World Expo as we present our panel on Social Media and Online Reputation Management in the Entertainment Industry.

MarKyr Co-Founder, KYRa Reed and Roxy Theatre Owner and MarKyr Media client, Nic Adler will present a case study on how the Roxy Theatre’s blog and Social Media outreach efforts saved the club from shutting its doors. To learn more about the story, check out Francisco Dao’s piece, “From Zero to VH1 Rock Honors in 12 Months” on

MarKyr Co-Founder, MARjorie Kase will be discussing celebrities’ use of Radical Transparency to combat rumors and endear themselves to the public. Her presentation, appropriately titled, “Triumphs and Trainwrecks: Celebrity Blogs and Online Reputation Management” will focus on what celebs and their managers could learn from Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, and others.

The panel will be moderated by (recently acquired by Technorati) Co-Founder, Eric Olsen who is a friend and mentor.

Additional panelists will be announced soon. Stay tuned!