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Welcome to MarKyr Media

MarKyr Media began when we realized that traditional media outlets began to converge under the moniker of Social Media. They saw the need for a new understanding of how advertising, public relations, marketing and even customer service were going to integrate on the web. The rules were changing and it became increasingly harder for their clients to keep up with all the platforms, networks and widgets. Let alone, how to utilize these tools.

Although Consulting and Public Relations are not unique services, the ways that Markyr Media delivers its services is. Utilizing the tools that have emerged in the last five years via the Internet, we are able to offer our clients solutions for their Social Media PR, Online Reputation Management, Community Development and Education that are bleeding edge and on point with the current consumer trends. Old models are no longer as effective or are failing completely. It is time for a new kind of agency that understands the Internet and social space and can customize each solution.

Campaigns launched in the online environment are easier to gauge, less expensive and can offer a greater return than most offline campaigns. However, if not executed correctly, with a full understanding of what is required for success, namely a community mentality that listens to the customer, engages in and starts conversations, transparency and authenticity, and constant monitoring, then a company will waste time and money and see limited results in their online efforts. MarKyr Media is in a position to take companies into the new world. MarKyr Media provides education and services that will ensure a company is able to make the transition over time and provide their customers/clients with what THEY are looking for.

About MarKyr Media

Based in Los Angeles, Markyr Media is a Social Media PR agency dedicated to providing organic bleeding edge Online Reputation Management solutions for the Tech and Entertainment industries. Services include blog coaching and consulting, personal and product branding, community development, and marketing 2.0 consulting. Markyr boasts relationships with some of the most popular and influential blogs. The company’s groundbreaking blog network possesses a collective reach of over 420 million unique monthly page views and 45 million unique monthly visitors.

Marjorie Kase
Prior to co-founding Markyr Media, Marjorie Kase was the President and CEO of Sociable Agency, a social media public relations firm located in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She is also the Founder and CEO of Blogger Reps.

Marjorie possesses over 15 years experience in online marketing, publicity, and content production in the entertainment and tech space. Prior to forming Sociable Agency, Marjorie was the Managing Editor of TV with MeeVee, where she oversaw editorial and marketing efforts, blogger relations, TV network relations, and red carpet reporting. She has also held promotions project management positions at Yahoo, Red Bull GmbH, and Yoyodyne Entertainment.

Marjorie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in American History and Film from Oberlin College, and a Master’s Degree in Adolescent Media Consumption from the University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to co-founding Markyr Media, Kyra Reed was an independent consultant in the Web 2.0 digital music convergence space.

Kyra Reed
Kyra has more than 15 years experience in small business marketing and music industry management. Kyra has built web presences for the Roxy Theatre and The Monterey Pop Festival. She has also managed and provided new media strategy for Windup Record artists Stars of Track and Field.

Kyra is the author of Blog 101, a beginners guide to blogging. Her passionate writings on social media PR and marketing can be found both on her personal blog, and Blog 101.