:: NEW!! #DIY Social Media Sales Machine Subscription Program ::

#DIY Social Media Sales Machine

After hundreds of phone calls with entrepreneurs and small business owners, we discovered a LOT!

  1. Everyone we talked to already KNOWS social media is the key to the success to their business. Nobody needs any convincing about that. What everyone says they need is to just get it figured out already! They need an exact step-by-step path to exactly how to do social media right, once and for all.
  2. You guys are exhausted and overwhelmed! As entrepreneurs ourselves, we Get It. There are so many things to do, the list just keeps adding up. And while you know social media is a priority, it keeps falling to the back of the list. You need a path that’s easy to do, in bite-sized pieces, one step at a time.
  3. Not everyone can spend $3,000 for a Mastermind Course to learn social media. Lots of entrepreneurs are just starting off and small business owners just don’t have the budget. We needed a much more affordable option.

All in all, we discovered we needed to find a different way to give people all the information they need to be successful with social media. In a way that is:

  • As good as our best program
  • As inexpensive as possible
  • Easy to do in bite-sized pieces, in as little as 10 minutes a week
  • Clear and concise instructions

And to be honest, creating a program that does all of this was no easy task In fact, it took a lot of work — but we did it! And we are proud and THRILLED to finally officially launch our new #DIY Social Media Sales Machine Subscription Program!
With the subscription, once a week you will receive a packed-full newsletter that gives you:

  • Step-by-step instruction to build your social channels into a social $ales machine
  • Weekly lesson, exercise and example to make sure you get each step right
  • Recommendations, Tools and Resources for further exploration
  • Insider tips from Kyra and Gretchen “Coach’s Corner”
  • Special offers and discounts

We are so confident you will love having a social media coach in your inbox that we will also include a BONUS of our special Social Media ALERT emails, a quick notification explaining new changes from your favorite social networks and what they mean to you.

All of this — for only $6.99 a month!! A price every single person who wants to grow their business can afford.


Social Media Parody Video

Social Media Parody Video

Social Media Parody Video

We had a fun time making this parody video but seriously though, the social professional struggle is REAL! We need to band together and insist that companies and clients follow the Social System. The world depends on us, Social Samurai.

Download the infograph for free at http://www.thesystem.social.


Exec Producers and AMAZING wink emoticon Talent: Gretchen Fox & Kyra Reed
Associate Producer: Ashely Barber
Director/Camera: Piper Ferguson
Sound: Jeremy Brill

It’s Time To Standardize Social: Introducing The Social System

For the past 12 years I’ve been working in the emerging field of social media. I’ve seen it go through many evolutions and become much more than a passing fad. But, in that time, I haven’t yet seen any standardized models for HOW to create a successful social media strategy.

So Gretchen Fox and I decided to grab the bull by the horns and apply our collective 20 years of industry experience in both marketing and social to figure it out. We knew that a workable process had to be a simple, repeatable and scalable methodology that could be applied to any business – from a solopreneur to a Fortune 500 company. After a solid year of trials with clients and gathering interviews and feedback from other social pros we are thrilled to release ‪#‎TheSocialSystem‬.

Forbes Article: The Social System

The Social System

The Social System


Who Are you Talking to? Solving the Social Identity Crisis

By Kyra Reed (@kyrareed):

Brands often come to us because their efforts to build a relatable and meaningful social media presence have stalled out or flat out failed.

Our job in these cases is to understand the state of their current online presence, identify opportunities and create a path toward social media success.  The obvious first step is an audit of their profiles and channels.  (We’ll discuss that process more in depth in a later post.)

The not so obvious second step is a “Social Voice” or “Social Branding” workshop that lays the foundation for every campaign, ad, blog post, visual content piece and status update the company will produce.

Without this step:

  1. The strategy and tactics will be inconsistent

  2. The audience will be confused and lose interest

  3. The momentum and energy of the Page will make it miserable to manage

  4. It will be hard to gain followers and keep engagement high

  5. Most importantly… the messaging will be lost

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